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10:00 to 15:00 - Brazil

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DIGITALIZATION – A Game Changer in the Offshore and Maritime Industry

In partnership with ASME-OOAE and SNAME


This is a must-make opportunity for an Industry desperately trying to make breakthroughs in Safety, Environment and Cost to match the gains made by Industries like agriculture, transportation, and manufacturing.



Planners, project managers, practitioners, developers, and academia will be presented with aspirations set by senior leaders in Offshore, Maritime and Infrastructure, the challenges faced in the field, and true breakthroughs already accomplished.



Two panels of 2 hours each are planned for each day, covering the proposed topics below.  Each panel shall have 3-4 presentations (20-25 min each), followed by discussions in a question-and-answer session. The workshop will be a “follow-up” of the successful workshop held during the 2020 International Conference on Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2020-ASME).



  1. Keynote Session – The opening session sets the expectations of senior thought leaders in offshore, marine and ports, and shipping.
  2. Project Delivery – Delivery of major offshore projects: How to push the offshore industry to efficiencies and environmental sensitivities rivaling other Industries (like manufacturing).
    Opportunities possible in smaller contractors vs. major shipyards vs. turnkey providers (of FPSOs) — what can be reasonably expected and aspired to.
  3. Operations – Offshore subsea has achieved impressive advances in placing massive facilities on the sea floor. Opportunities in continuing the advancements in unmanned facilities, major subsea facilities, and associated support strategies and operations. Challenges in support operations and technologies.
  4. Digital Twins – The use of “digital twins” to enable fundamental changes in shipping to improve safety, environment, and effectiveness.



All speakers who delivered presentations in the OMAE 2020 Workshop are being invited to participate. They will be joined by local Brazilian industry and academia professionals in this 2-day event planned for experience sharing from different perspectives. Participation of major marine and offshore operators, contractors, classification societies, and academia is expected. Senior leaders of the following companies already confirmed participation: ABS, Aker Solutions, BV, C&C Technologies. Kongsberg Maritime, MODEC, Ocergy, Proceanic, Pipeline Enterprise, and Propel Sayfr.



  1. “Data Management, the ally of optimization in Marine Logistics”, Stanislas Oriot – Marine Consulting Leader, Opsealog.
  2. “Continuing the Significant Advances on the High Seas”, Dr.Xiaozhi (Christina) Wang, VP Digital Solutions, ABS.
  3. “Opening Remarks of the Chair of Panel on Project Delivery”, John O’Brien Consultant.
  4. “Industrialization in the Offshore Wind Industry”, Maria Bulakh, Aker Solutions and Francois Laborie, Cognite.
  5. “LINKAGE OF OPERATING UNITS”, Nicholas Wills, Modec Group.
  6. “Digitalization Breakthroughs in Interventions / Maintenance”, Olivier Cadet President of Kongsberg Maritime (USA).
  7. “Automated Wind Facilities”, Alexia Aubault – Ocergy.
  8. “Opening Remarks of the Chair of Panel on The Potential of Digital Twins”, Jose Esteve, Bureau Veritas Project Director.
  9. “Digital Twins—Use in the Real-World Pt. II, Design and Construction”, Torkel Soma, Propel Sayfr.
  10. “Digital Transformation strategies for Offshore companies”, Victor Venâncio, Stefanini, Brazil.
  11. “UUVs & USVs – Overview and Realities”, Thomas Chance, C&C Technologies.
  12. “Building and Using Digital Twins”, Brad Raabis, VP, Pipeline Enterprise (recorded).
  13. “Digital Twins and Class and Regulatory Compliance”, Dan Cronin, ABS (recorded).
  14. “Digital Twins—Use in the Real-World, Pt. I Operations”, Mark Waller, MD Proceanic (recorded).
  15. “Leveraging data value with speed for maritime operations”, Augusto Borella Hougaz, Intelie/Rignet.
  16. “Opportunities and Challenges of Predictive Maintenance of Offshore Assets”, Victor Chaves, Rio Analytics.
  17. “Structures Digital Twin for Real-time Data-driven Risk and Performance Management”, Vaibhav Parsoya, Lloyd’s Register.



Day 01

10:00 to 14:00 – Brazil

08:00 to 12:00 – Houston

15:00 to 19:00 – Paris


Day 02

10:00 to 15:00 – Brazil

08:00 to 13:00 – Houston

15:00 to 20:00 – Paris